1-on-1 Divorce Coaching

Swan - 1-on-1 Divorce Coaching

Why one-on-one Divorce coaching works?

Due to the complexities of divorce, there are times when one-on-one coaching would serve you best and may be used alone, in addition to, before or after any of the modules. If you want to begin to move forward, don’t know where to start, and the thought of sharing your divorce story in front of others seems overwhelming to you, a safe place to start is one-on-one coaching.

By partnering with Sandy, you have a coach who cares, understands, and patiently takes the time you need to process before making decisions that will impact your future. With on-one-one-coaching we can go at a pace that lines up with who you are and together address the issues that arise and move through the stages of divorce in “real time.”

Please see the FAQs 1-on-1 page to help clarify if this is the best option for you.

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