Collaborative Law Coaching

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Need a Divorce Coach as part of your Collaborative Practice Team?

Sandy Miller is A Collaborative Law Professional – Divorce Coach

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Divorce Coaches contribute to the success of the Collaborative Divorce Process by helping their clients focus on future goals while managing the strain and pain of this difficult family transition.

Collaborative Practice is the no court alternative that puts you and your spouse in the driver’s seat. You decide the issues and are able to each receive legal advice through a lawyer and emotional aid through a coach.

Divorce Coaching helps clients clarify feelings and needs so that they can participate more constructively in negotiations to create a mutually acceptable settlement agreement. Coaches help their client to avoid getting stuck in inflexible positions by helping them realize what they really need from their divorce agreements. They refocus their clients from blame to solution focused.

Sandy Miller is a certified Collaborative Law Professional and is trained to work along side you and your team in the process of reaching a mutually beneficial resolution and settlement agreement.

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A Collaborative Law Professional – Divorce Coach
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