Can I Help You Decide Which Divorce Support Service is Best Suited for You

Your divorce is unique and so are you. I am passionate about helping people get through divorce and have developed three different services to meet your needs.

Revolutionizing Divorce offers:

And find out which service is best for you

Choose 1-on-1 Coaching if you:

Swan - 1-on-1 Divorce Coaching

  • are a very private person
  • are not ready for a group experience
  • need to go through support and guidance in real time
  • would like the freedom of addressing concerns as they arise
  • want to direct your process and the pace

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Join a Revolutionizing Divorce Support Group if you:

Sail Boats: Divorce Support Groups

  • feel alone
  • need additional support and understanding
  • want to connect to a community of like-minded people
  • would like to learn from others on a similar journey
  • appreciate a systematic approach through the 3 phases of divorce
  • are looking for an accelerated approach to personal growth and healing

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Choose Collaborative Law Coaching if you:

boats: collaborative law coaching

    • Desire an alternative to traditional dispute resolution
    • Have decided to negotiate and not go to court
    • Would like to negotiate agreements specifically to you and you family
    • want to clarify your feelings and needs in order to participate more constructively in negotiations
    • seek to create mutually beneficial resolution and settlement agreement

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Your divorce is unique. Let me support you and help you. You can rebuild yourself and your life an extraordinary way.

And find out which service is best for you