Divorce Support Groups Module 1: Resolve

Revolutionizing Divorce Support Groups Module 1

re•solve [ri-zolv]

to come to a definite or earnest decision about;
decide, determine, solve, unravel, answer, clear up, conclude, untangle, explain, reconcile, work out

Where Have You Been?

This first phase of divorce is often the most turbulent of all. Emotions are running high and at times you feel you are all over the top and perhaps even going a little “crazy.” This is a time of emoting and recognizing the internal turmoil of grappling with your unfulfilled hopes and dreams, regrets and your present reality. Slowly we begin to take ownership, let go and come to…Resolve.

Divorce Stories

We begin with courage and vulnerability while sharing our painful divorce story. It is in this safe, non-judgmental environment we are heard, supported and validated, beginning the healing process.

Good Grief

When you were married you had many hopes and dreams for your “and they lived happily ever after” marriage. However, that has all been shattered. As we understand the grieving process and come to terms with our loss, we begin to acknowledge our own sadness, loneliness and anger. You will grieve deeply and experience the pain of your emotions, which will allow you to heal and continue moving through the process.

Letting Go

Coming to resolve is like experiencing the calm after the storm. Looking back we are able to move from being a victim to personal responsibility and accountability. Acknowledging we each did the best we could with what we had at the time, we are able to release ourselves and our partners from the past, Freeing ourselves from any anger and bitterness that might hold us and keep us from going forward. We forgive, say good bye, let go and are ready to move forward!

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