Divorce Support Groups Module 3: Rebuild

Revolutionizing Divorce Support Groups Module 3

re•build [ree-bild]

to build again or afresh
reconstruct, make over, reassemble, build, build up, rejuvenate, improve, refashion, resurrect, reinstate

Where Am I Going?

With a healthy dose of self acceptance and self esteem, it is time to move forward and begin to create the life you want, your “new normal”. You will take what you have learned about yourself, your life lessons, and begin to step out to co-create your preferred future. We will zoom in and address our passions, including our singleness and our sexuality, then we will zoom out to explore our greater life’s purpose.

Being Single and Sex?

It all begin with the elephant is the “bored” room. Come explore the questions of what do we do with our sensuality, sexuality and our singleness?

Passion, Purpose and Pizzazz?

In order to feel fulfilled in our life, it is necessary to look at the bigger picture. What on earth am I here for? It’s time to broaden our focus to include our Life Purpose. We’ll begin to ask the 4 questions, which will start us down this new quest towards mission and purpose.

Dare to Live

Bringing your entire healthy self forward, you will use your passion and pizzazz to create your life’s message and tag line. It is from this place that you will begin to co create the life you want and need to be fulfilled. I dare you to live life fully and passionately!

“Rebuild” is best taken in a separate year, followed by the Year 1 Modules, Resolve and Reclaim.

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