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If you’re like most people going through divorce, you’re probably feeling alone. Your friends can’t really help you through the emotional turmoil. They are all married, and just can’t relate. But guess what, you’re not alone. Divorce support groups bring together groups of 6 – 10 sojourners.

The Three Modules of Divorce Support Groups

Revolutionizing Divorce Support Groups are divided into three modules, with the first 2 modules being 4 months long,  (year 1) and the third module running 8 months longs. (year 2).  The three modules of Group Coaching parallel the three phases of divorce. You are encouraged to move through the modules consecutively to experience the momentum of accelerated personal growth and healing! Read about the richness that each module offers by clicking on the links below.

Groups meet twice a month to share the common themes of that particular phase of divorce. When you participate, you will discuss, ask questions, reflect, and examine beliefs. Together, you will listen to divorce stories and offer each other a safe place of acceptance and healing, while you grieve, regain confidence and start anew.

Each Module Includes

  • pre-group consultation call
  • 8 group sessions (twice a month)
  • 4x 45-minute, 1-on-1 phone coaching sessions (once a month)
  • post group evaluation/completion call
  • 1 crisis laser coaching call (15 minutes)
  • email support

Call-in Phone Groups and In-Person Groups

If you are in the Edmonton, AB area, you can participate in a local in-person support group. Otherwise, you can participate in a call-in phone group that is accessible to anybody with a phone. Learn more about the call-in groups.

One-on-one Coaching is Included

Participation in a divorce support group includes monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, targeting where you are stuck, offering fresh perspectives and creating accountability in moving forward.

This powerful combination of group connection plus coaching is what will champion you through this painful time and get you to the other side.

Upcoming Module Dates and Times

To register for any of the Groups listed below, please call 1-780-468-5564 or book a free consultation.

To get a taste for what the group calls will be like, begin with our FREE Call-In Program Trial Offer held the third Thursday of each month. Upon registering, you will receive a call in number and private access code.

FREE Group Coaching TASTE & SEE Call 1-780-468-5564 to receive the call-in number

  • FREE Group Coaching In-person TASTE & SEE

    • Tuesday,  March 8th and Tuesday, 7:00 PM MST


    Divorce Support Groups start at only $250 per month

    ONLY $900 when you pay for all four months in advance
    $750 when you attend the complimentary TASTE& SEE and/or register on or before March 8th

    Click the link below to view the TASTE & SEE Invitation


    The next Revolutionizing Divorce Support Group starts:
    •Tuesday,  March 22nd

    •In -Person 7:00 pm


    Do you still have questions? Please read answers to divorce support groups FAQs.