FAQs 1-on-1 Divorce Coaching

What makes Divorce Coaching unique and different than general Life Coaching?

The Divorce Coach is a specialist with tools that help people through the challenges they meet at each of the three stages of divorce; before, during and after divorce.

Divorce Coaches are also specifically designed for working in the most challenging of circumstances and with individuals who are stressed to the max. Divorces coaches work with ease in dealing with the emotional stories of divorce.

Divorce Coaches are equipped to deal with the unique distinctions of divorce such as:

Multiple areas of change: relationships-family, friends, in-laws, grandparents, children, relationships as couples, community engagement, housing healthcare, finances, education, childcare, career-business, health and well-being, identity, and assuming new roles, to name a few!

Intensity of Emotions: denial, resistance, anger numbness, isolation, aloneness, shame, getting even, getting out, helplessness, resignation and throwing in the towel.

A legal process the client is involved in a legal process with its own language and intricacies, stresses and difficulties. The divorce Coach works with other professionals, which could include a lawyers, financial neutral, child specialists, and as a they help move the client towards resolution.

What is the role of Divorce coach?

The role of the Divorce coach is to be a client’s partner and guide. It’s about creating a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental and patient environment to help the client process the past and make choices for the future.

How will I know if I am ready for coaching?

When you are ready to take the focus off of the behaviors of your ex and refocus on YOU, you are ready! When you realize that you want to help yourself, but not sure what to do next, you are ready for coaching.

How do I get started?

When you call we will schedule a consultation to set goals and begin to create a plan to move forward. A variety of one-on-one options are available in addition to the Revolutionizing Divorce Support Group.

How do you charge for your services?

Our sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes (in phone or in person). Fees of $150/session are paid in advance through paypal, bank etransfers or by post dated cheques. Groups module options are also available, and lower rates.
Please refer to the module details.

How does one-one-one coaching work?

I usually work with clients 2 times per month for a period of 6 – 12 months. However, depending on your need, various options are available. We will either meet face to face or have Call-in-phone sessions.

As your Divorce Coach I offer :

A supportive team approach with the lawyers

The opportunity to work together with lawyers and financial neutrals, and/or other professionals maintaining a collaborative approach towards working through legal aspect of divorce towards resolution.

Emotional Support

I provide a place for you to identify, explore and process your feelings of anger, guilt, fear, sadness and frustration. It is important to recognize your own emotional triggers, and the values that are being challenged.

A “thinking” partner

I help you

  • comprehend your options in the divorce process.
  • make informed decisions about the many areas of change as mentioned above.
  • find a balance between the legal aspects of divorce, your inward journey and moving on with life.
  • by providing guidance and direction to help you find the appropriate resources you need.
  • develop goals and create an plan of action
  • redefine and rebuild your life

Another huge benefit to specifically hiring a Divorce Coach is that the collective wisdom and experience off working with many people going through
this process, is shared and as a coach I can guide you to avoid making some of the common mistakes people make when going through divorce.