FAQs Divorce Support Groups

I’m a very shy person, will I benefit from bring part of a group?

No matter what your personality type, or whether you are the left or the leaver, the underlying human need is to connect.  By being part of a supportive group of non-judgmental sojourners, you will be heard and validated as a person going through pain, and is in the process of healing and moving forward.

I’m not sure I’m ready for a co-ed group, how can this help me?

Although you may feel like you could be dining with the enemy, this coed support group provides the opportunity to hear the other perspective in a safe, non-threatening context.  Together, we have the opportunity to understand and to be understood.

How many can I expect in my group?

Groups need to be small enough to be able to connect and become vulnerable, yet large enough to benefit from the shared experience.  With that in mind, group size could range between 6 – 10 people.

I can’t imagine being that vulnerable?

Joining a Revolutionizing Divorce Support Group requires a huge amount of courage.  It is not easy to be vulnerable.  Yet, this is a very healthy place to start your healing journey, It is very difficult to move forward in isolation, so admitting that you can’t and don’t want to do it alone is BIG.   A community who will recognize, understand, identify with you and encourage you will make moving forward much easier, and will help the healing process go quicker.

How does Group Coaching work?

Clients register for a group committing to one module at time.  Modules are 3 months in length and have the component of 2 group sessions plus 1, one-on-one session per month.  There are various start-up times per year, and several time options available, in person, or over the phone. Although each of the phases of divorce are offered as separate modules, clients are strongly encouraged to work through all 3 of the modules consecutively, accelerating personal growth and healing.

What if group coaching doesn’t meet my specific needs?

The beauty of a Revolutionizing Divorce Support Group is to move collectively through the themes and topics common those going through divorce in tandem with monthly one-on-one coaching sessions which provide the opportunity to address personal issues and concerns. However, additional coaching sessions can be added at any time as needed to address your specific needs.